and we’re back!

so…i took a wee break. you know, only like 7 months or something like that. Sorry about that.  but I’m back now 🙂

Re-cap on the basics

1) Still alive and kicking!

2) I still live in France.

3) My name is still Kelsey Anne Remple

4) I’m still spending copious amounts of time with high schoolers and little youngings

Now that the formalities are out of the way, we can get to the good stuff.  Like how are you? What’s new with you? are you excited for 2012? I personally am. I seriously welcome 2012 am happy to bat 2011 out of this world and into memories of yesteryear. I actually wrote a list of things that I’m excited about for  2012…want a sneak peak at the list? Okay you twisted my arm. here you go

1) visits from dear friends who have never seen my life here

2) yoga. My friend and I are taking advantage of those new years resolution sales where the have a 10 day trial pass. so we are doing 10 different kinds of yoga each day 🙂

3) creative cooking. I’m doing a recipe a week from a stellar cooking book called “Feed me now”

4) My new bible study that I’m doing

5) Exploring the crevices of this country


7) making up new riddles and possibly learning to whittle

8) giving blood

9) laughing

10) to not give up on French

11) enjoying this moment.

there you go! Happy 2012!


Team transition recap!

This summer our team is going through a lot of changes and Dominic and myself are the only 2 people certain to be here in the fall.

Here are some of the people Transitioning in and out!

  • My roommate/team member Kerri has been serving in Aix for over 5 years now and is moving to Paris to start to help a new church plant.
  • Our executive Pastor Teal has been serving in France for nearly 4 years and this summer he and his family are moving to Colorado as Teal is now the Director of Recruiting for Christian Associates
  •  Our Intern Hallie spent almost a year here building and growing Children’s ministry and other ministries in huge ways and she left for America last week to begin her university experience.
  •  There are 2 other interns currently here who are still deciding what God has next for them.
  • Loni is currently in America raising support to move here full time and is just waiting for support to come in before she gets here.

All that to say, the transition here is outrageous. And I am not  someone who transitions well. So this is good learning ground for me to learn how to let go, trust. This is big way for me to actively trust that this ministry is God’s and he knows what’s happening. Hard, but good. Hard, but good (story of my life sometimes 🙂

And in the midst of all this transition our team is looking for people who might be interested in serving God here in Aix. Our need is big, and we would love to talk with you if you are at all interested in hearing more about what God is doing here! Pray about where God might be leading you, because it might just be here!

a penny for your thoughts…ok!

I’m sitting here in my room, thinking about all the people that are moving forward in their lives and it’s so beautiful. To know and be reminded that were never stuck, and we never have to be resigned to lack of movement. We can continue on and press on and move one no matter what we are coming out of. I’m watching people head off to uni after a few years break, families moving onward to new challenges, a roommate preparing to move to Paris to plant a new church, another roommate commencing her dreams of capturing the elderly stories, people traveling on their own for the first time, friends becoming momma’s for the first time, and people stepping out of themselves for the first time in a long time.

It’s startling at first seeing all this new movement happen around me. Sometimes I’m and baby and I don’t like it because people have to leave in order for them to move forward. And sometimes, like right now, I’m amazed at the resilience around me. I find it exciting, enticing, and I’m in wonder of what’s to come next.


wonderful weekend

I want to remember this weekend for a long time so I thought I should write it down. here. It’s not that any earth shattering happened this weekend, but it was my first weekend in a l.o.n.g time that I was spontaneous and experienced new things with new people. For so many moments this week I kept thinking “wow, thanks for this moment.” So here are a few moments

1) Friday Night- I got to spend the afternoon with a lovely high school girl who treated me out to ice cream (so generous of her!). After that two of my French friends came over to help me with some computer stuff. A few min. after trying to help me we decide that a bonfire at the beach would be more fun. So that’s what we did. We rounded up anyone that was interested and off we went to a beach I’ve never been to and can probably never find again. I’ve never had a bonfire in France and it’s quite different. We had it on rocks overlooking the Mediterranean and in the darkness I could just relax…even enough to feel comfortable in my French language skin…mistakes and all.

2) This morning I went on a run with a dear friend (it was her birthday) and this is the second time this week we ran somewhere new! I’ve been in a running rut and she kinda shook me out of it by showing my her favorite places to run in Aix over the past 5 years. And then we had birthday quiche which wasn’t half bad either.

3) now back to this “French language skin”.These last few months I’ve put a hiatus on growing in my French. But I’m back! And one of the ways that I wanted to grow in French was to speak more of it. So I met my conversational partner for the first time today in Marseille at the huge Carnival. She was dancing in it so she had me meet up with her best friend. and mom. and grandma. and dad. and dad’s friend. It was so interesting to spend the afternoon in Marseille (my second time there), with a family that I never met, watching a girl dance that I didn’t know. But it was quite enjoyable, unique, and different. Man, oh man, her G-ma is quite an eccentric lady too which made the afternoon all the more fun(she tried teaching me how to belly dance.)

4) Tonight was a birthday party for a high school girl that I mentor. She turned the big 1-8! So she had 5 of us girls over (I’m the only one not in high school) and we had the most wonderful dinner at her house. She lives in the countryside so it was quiet, picturesque, and wonderful. With such an intimate group we just relished in conversation with one another, laughed, jump on the trampoline, and truly enjoyed each other. It was one of those evenings that I felt so completely content with my surroundings that I took a lot of mental pictures. And her parents were amazing and made us a really classy 3 course meal. For all the foodies out there listen up… It started with seared lime marinated tuna, with avocado potato salad. And then a choice of rosemary lamb or tandoori chicken. Followed by b-day chocolate cake and English strawberries and creme. Literally I can’t remember when I’ve had a meal that good.

So that’s it for me. Just a really great weekend with pretty neat people. I am indeed thankful, and stuffed from dinner!


A thought

My dear friend wrote me an email and this sentence really stuck out with me…

There is an isolation in our painful experiences, there is a loneliness in being afflicted in a way that no one else knows. But there is a hope in the truth that Jesus truly knows my experience, and the promise to enter into deeper relationship with him because of it. “
I hope that you find that encouraging too!

P.S today as I was walking to work and there were about 5 police men on motorcycles followed by 2 soccer mom vans with sirens on with men black masks inside. The van doors were open and the masked men were getting ready to jump out…SAY WHAT?!


Spring has Sprung and has brought lots of blessings with it.

These last few months were trying for me, but I feel like I’ve turned the corner to the bright Spring days, and behind me is the muggy, frustrating Winter. It’s nice to allow myself to restart, and really move forward, and move onward (to where, that I don’t know.)

I feel lighter, more whole, and more present then I have been in a while. I’m seeing Aix en Provence, my job,  and the people around me with new eyes and I realize that I am blessed. And in result I am  thankful.

Here’s just a neat story about how God just blessed me so much. So my wonderful computer has done a good job these last 4 years, but has definitely started slowing down…to the point that I can’t skype, email, or watch dvd’s. So I started praying for a new computer, and wrote on my FB status just that. “Praying for a new computer.”

Well a wonderful friend saw that little status and contacted my friends and together they all pitched in a gave me enough money to buy a brand new computer! I have to say…”say what?!” That was such a miracle. I didn’t deserve this brand new computer by any means, and God blessed me. In a very literal practical sense.

So here I am on my new HP Pavillon and I hope that every time I use this laptop, I can remember that my God is with me and provides.

Happy spring friends. I hope that you are finding refreshment in the new life around us.




At a retreat I was at this past weekend, we were talking about waiting. A 68 year old women was there and she shared this “I am at ease with life.” She said that it doesn’t really matter what will come, or how it comes, she is simply at ease in life and in God’s hands.

She said it in such rest that I couldn’t help but loudly sigh for the beauty in that sentence. I spend so much of my life not at ease instead pressing for movement, anxious about the next (fill in the blank), and regretting parts of (fill in the blank). And to hear this women be at ease, gave me so much rest in hearing that state of living is possible.

I think that is the most beautiful way anyone has described aging and wisdom to me before.


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